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Welcome to most awarded received Design School in Southern Malaysia

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2.5 Years Media Art UK Diploma

3D Modeling


Audio Production


Motion graphics


Graphic design

Digital illustration

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Did you know that Game, Animation, Film all are part of Media Art Design Industry

In 30 Months Be a no.1 industry demand Media Art Designer

200 years of world class faculty team

-200 years of world class faculty team

-The course is filmed with actors, the learning method of the actual work of the industry peoplecommercial shooting experience while studying! Accumulate your strength!

-The course masters 8 technologies and 14 software

Get the career in Media Art Designer

Understand the top ten high-paying jobs in the field of design, all can be done only by studying media design

Camou Academy The Only Awarded Received of Design Institute in Southern Malaysia

We are the only in Southern Malaysia that are

Awarded in Sin Chew Education Award

Awarded by Kancil Award, Malaysia most renowned Design Competition

Awarded of design course


Camou Academy teamed up with Cao Guohui to create "Xifang" actor training class

You read “Media Design”
-The handsome actor and actress let you shoot
-Cao Guohui personally shoots on-site guidance
-The young novelist Ito Yu of top 3 in Malaysia
-Full-process high-end experience movie production

Learn the complete behind-the-scenes and production, from shooting, editing, post-production samples, even in
Participate in the actual commercial shooting experience while studying! Accumulate your strength!

Learn in RM12.000.000 Campus Facility

The first in Southern Malaysia

Chongjin College builds a 20,000 square foot spacious campus
South Malaysia only! Only here! We only have

-Hollywood movie equipment rental department (live lectures, students can learn equipment)

-xxxft special effect green screen

-Soundproof and post-production double-compartment recording studio

-The largest double-story photography building

-Surrounding sound cinema with a capacity of 70 people

-Maximum rendering farm

During enrollment, unlimited use for free!

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Want to earn SGD?

Possess the "First Class" IB certification After graduating to find a job abroad, no problem!

The course has trained 300 outstanding media designers

The only Southeast Asian Design Institute has a film shooting equipment rental department

Really feel “All-round photography film and television” is here!
The right way to learn high-end equipment flexibly
Experience the high-end production of Hollywood movie shooting
Behind the scenes of bright stars behind professional actors

Study in a strategic location, Set yourself close to success

Did you know that, Johor is #1 strategic study location, where you are close to

1. IMS – Biggest film production in South East Asia, which hollywood film take place here! #EasilyAccess

2. Iskandar Johor – The highest growing rate of development in Media Art Industry in south east asia. #JobOpportunity

3. Singapore- Just a 20 minutes away getting into world class level platform, where the most skillful expert and world class media art company gather around. #GetCloseWithWorldClass

student show reel

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Many Camou alumni have found success in different areas of the industry, spanning video production, post production and design. Their exceeding competence has earned them opportunities to undertake both local and international projects. Here we showcase eight outstanding alumni and listen to their story with Camou Academy.

Student Showcase

Under our award-wininng training system, each and every one of our students are given the skills and tools to produce work of the highest quality.

Student Showcase

Under our award-wininng training system, each and every one of our students are given the skills and tools to produce work of the highest quality.

Camou Academy
3-7, Jalan Pertama 5, Pusat
Perdagangan Danga Utama, 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor
Monday – Friday
9.30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Phone: +607 5567477
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