2.5 years of UK Media ArtS Design Diploma

An Extraordinary Multi-National Learning journey starts here

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First Class Institution with a National Education Award Recognition

As the only academy providing full-fledged media arts design course that combines with 12 million worth of equipment as part of the campus’ facilities, we are proud to be the first and only design institute that has been awarded with a Sin Chew Education Award; one of the most prestigious national education awards in the Malaysia Education Field.

Rated as a “First-Class Institute” by the City of Oxford College, Camou Academy is well spoken of for its environment — top-notch faculty and student artwork. Students may study at ease in Camou Academy as they obtain recognition from a UK institute. 

With recognition both local and internationally, students have.a greater advantage when it comes to job opportunities. 

200 years of world-class industry experience.Experience international learning while studying locally.

First in Southern Malaysia, the impeccable industry-driven course structure is incubated by a team of award-winning faculty board with more than 200 years of international experience in the media arts industry; coming together to deliver Malaysia’s premier course in media arts design. 

Media Arts Design is an industry-oriented course that comes from the demands of the industry of this digital age. Our equipment and facilities in campus that gives off a production-like environment compliments and  reflects well as it aligns with our education philosophy to train a polymath in media art industry.

Face to face Guidance from Multi-national experienced Professionals

In Camou, we have a team of experienced industry veteran professionals who have worked in various of international grade production with major brands. Alvin Tan, one of our lecturers is hugely recognized for his work in the international film and advertising industry. He had directed countless advertising campaigns with major brands including L’oreal, Levi’s, Coca-cola, Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Lancome, and many more. He is also the founder of Cinemates Asia with two production houses in Shanghai and in Malaysia.

Not only that, the experience of our lecturer team includes working for Disney, Marvel, Nvidia, Mediacorp, Cickman, etc. On top of that, they have also produced a Cabury chocolate commercial. All of these numerous world-class production took place in seven countries — USA, UK, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore & New Zealand. Within 30 months, students are transformed into becoming a world class designer with guidance from international industry veterans & a 1-1 art guidance on your individual artwork which can be achieved even while being trained in a small class environment for a higher-quality learning experience.

For industry, by industry

All within the span of 30 months, you will be transformed into a world-class designer by learning from international industry veterans; receiving 1-1 art guidance on your individual artworks while being trained in a small classenvironment for a higher quality learning experience.

World NO.1 Film Study with Professional Actor Involved

First in the film education training center ever to integrate film production training with professional industry actor alongside the guidance of industry commercial director and trained with using high-end film equipment.

Terrence Cao, one of most active veteran actors in Singapore with a high profile in the Camou film study faculty team is regarded as one of the notable members. Since 1989, Cao has participated in numerous tv and film productions. Cao has also been featured several times as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes in the annual Star Award and he clinched the Best Supporting in the Star Awards 2011.

Dan Lim, founder of Camwerkz Singapore has brought the company to high achievements as it has expanded to Cambodia and Malaysia. Dan Lim has received world-recognition for his service in brands such as Zeiss, Leica, Cooke, and Sigma with his extensive experience in videography for more than 30 years, his passion and knowledge that makes him an expert in the film industry of this region.

First and only in Southeast Asia, this unique training system and facility gives us the privilege to develop a no.1 comprehensive film production training system. In Southeast Asia, we have produced the most amount of multiple award-winning student film projects in the region.

Did you know that our student film work is scripting for professional actors. Moreover, the script writing lesson is conducted by Malaysia’s top ten most popular novelist, Yi-Teng You.

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"We have only one goal, and only one course"
Full fleged Learning. No compromise-

Master all key areas of media arts design with our unique and comprehensive 2.5 year UK diploma.

Why study media arts with us?

1. Master 8 skills of design in just one course: Be a polymath, give yourself a clear advantage. Equip yourself with the knowledge on leading projects in filmmaking, animation, advertising, photography and more.

2. Blended coaching system: With a whopping 98% satisfaction on unique blended learning experience, our syllabus is highly systemized and also trackable which makes learning anywhere possible with the blended coaching system.

3. Portfolio oriented training: Get started on compiling your professional portfolio immediately with a polished dossier of more than 300 uniquely individual work upon graduation.

4. Interrelated training method: 8 courses are being taught and conducted simultaneously, not only it deepens each skill, it also broadens your knowledge on various things.

5. Syllabus tracking on the go: With all the course syllabus being accessible 24/7, your learning journey has never been easier. Learn on the go anywhere, anytime.

6. Largest Media Arts training center : We have produced the most media arts designers in the region by working in various industries both locally and internationally.

7. Award-winning project SOP : Exclusive 30 SOP designed for the media arts design course which is not only trackable and attainable, but also guarantees an excellent quality of product.

8. Project management: A soft skill that will skyrocket your career development. Being a designer acquires you the knowledge and competency to manage projects independently from the beginning till the end. Be more than just a designer and make a real difference in the market with your skills.

PREF Education Philosophy

We are a firm believer of industry-driven and oriented course structure. We produce future designers that have the potential to rule the future with world-class skills and mindset with our exceptional training system and learning experience, hence we introduce PREF education philosophy as our core vision for the programme.

P: Professional
R: Responsive
E: Exquisite
F: Fun

Camou Family
We CARE beyond your learning journey


We Care!Student Community Manager's service

A film or animation training is only considered comprehensive if it includes audio production. Did you know that Camou Academy is the first media school that provides an industrial grade sound recording system in Southern Malaysia. 

Book an appointment and talk to our student community manager. 1 to 1 counseling service is also available on our campus to assist students on personal development. From time to time, the student community manager organizes and conducts different activities and interacts with students. Feel free to join us without any worries! 


Co-curriculum Activities

Loves singing or dancing? Or even playing board games? Camou Academy offers various extra-curricular activities available for students to participate. 

Join a club to gain valuable experience, extend your connections, and practice soft skills through these activities! Leave no regrets and enjoy your campus life to the fullest!

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