We take care of every step of your journey with us.

Camou Academy has created its very own ecosystem which involves a large scale of media design-related companies including a 3D animation studio, equipment rental house, performing arts institute, marketing company and more!

So.. what does this mean to you?

We make sure that our industry-oriented course provides you with the latest training system, equipment and world-class experience that meets the demand of the industry..

The scale of this partnership comes with a certain amount of talent requirement. Upon graduation, we prioritize students when it comes to  partnering or working under our “Camou Ecosystem” which is supported by several industrial companies.

Malaysia first performing arts school founded by a celebrity

We are proud to present Camou Academy as the only media arts school that collaborates with an international celebrity for academic cooperation. By associating ourselves, we build the most professional and extensive film training system in Southeast Asia.


The partnership between XiFang Academy of Arts & Camou Academy enhances the learning experience by allowing both the academy’s students to interact and assist each other in producing film or photography work. Being able to interact with professionally-trained actors and actresses allows students to pursue a higher standard of production work..

Singapore's top 3 high-end film equipment rental provider

Other than the partnership with Camwerk, Camou Academy represents the first and only media arts school in Malaysia to operate an international film and camera equipment rental house, this serves our students with the opportunity to graduate with  skills and real experience in handling Hollywood-graded film equipment.


Mirroring the success of the media arts design training education model, Animage is an institute that branches out from Camou Academy that focuses on providing teenagers an award-winning media arts training which is the first and only media arts training for juniors in Malaysia.


Edutech supplier for Singapore Education

Pinheads Interactive started as a production house back in 2007. Since then, it has grown to become an established developed studio that provides high-quality 3D virtual tours, 360 videos, game development, and E-learning resources. Moreover, it is a production house that develops e-learning courseware for Singapore government sectors.

Your 3D Partner

Chicken Feet Studio is incubated under Camou Academy to provide opportunities to alumni to launch their own careers with the support of Camou Academy. 

The studio provides services for Concept, 2D, 3D, Commercial, Animation, and art games; a work of interactive new media digital software art. Within the first 3 months of its inception, the studio has landed a major project to produce 3D and animation for a Virtual Reality Education App commissioned by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Singapore. 


Camou Go Global!

Our exclusive industry-oriented course structure is expanding globally; being the first media arts school in Malaysia that has expanded internationally.

By partnering with Digital Mirage, a renowned international industry expert, we pursue our mission and goal to train more aspiring designers all around the world.


Sony Camera


By maintaining our relationship with an industry expert, not only we are able to provide our students with the latest information and best training, but also provide better prices for hardware, such as cameras .


No.1 world class drawing tablet

As a world-class drawing tablet provider that provides the best quality product, Camou is proud to be presented as the first WACOM authorized training center in Southern Malaysia. We believe in the best quality, as should you.

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