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Join Camou for a lifelong career development

Camou Academy is recognised by providing industry-oriented course that backed by more than 200 years of award-winning faculty team.

We constantly Holding events and along with annual largest exhibition that giving our students’ full-fledged artwork an tremendousexposure to the industrial people and public. At the same time, students may receive a lot more opportunities and platforms through the exhibition, helping students to extend their industrial connection start from their learning journey with us.

100% Job Gurarantee?How does it work?

1. Camou Academy has created our very own ecosystem which involves a large scale of media design-related companies, including 3D animation studio, equipment rental house, performing arts institute, marketing company and more! Each of the companies requires a lot of talent resources, thus upon graduation, students are welcomed to work under Camou Ecosystem which is backed by industrial companies.

2. After graduated from Camou Academy, students will be granted a special access to a platform where they could check on the latest hiring notice offered by different companies. These companies are greatly interested in engaging with Camou talents, thus offering us with different working opportunities. These opportunities will then be forwarded to the platform, students could access the platform and check on the latest job offer.

3. Students has the opportunities to start up their own career under the support from Camou Academy. Under this system, the alumni may share industrial connection & resources from Camou Academy, and hence inducing in more business opportunities.

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