Build an award-winning portfolio before you graduate

Skill sets are conveyed through one’s artwork. A designer is recognized by their finest works and thus, students should place heavier emphasis on the portrayal of their best-quality works as it is definitely the strongest portfolio that every designer should pursue. 

In Camou Academy, we have developed an exclusive work-in-progress pipeline for creating an international production standard work alongside 1-1 guidance from industry experts that ensure every single work produced is integrated with full-fledged design training so that it stands out amongst designers internationally.

With the award-winning training framework, you have the potential to become a polymath in the design industry. Thus, you are well-equipped with the ability to manage design workflows individually to be recognized globally as a world-class designer. 

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SOLO win the game

Why Solo?

Each of the Final Year Project (FYP) is an individual project that involves  students executing their work by planning , scripting all the way to editing. The core objective of the project is to enable a full implementation of every single skill that students have learned throughout the whole learning period. Each project is usually completed in a span of 6 months.

From zero to hero

Throughout the project working progress, students will have a full understanding of the pipeline according to an international production standard.  With 1-1 guidance from the lecturer team, every student develops a strong sense of project leading skill with the mindset of an entrepreneur from a leadership perspective to meet the demands of the industry.




Under full-fledged media arts training, you are capable of producing professional work in just 3 months.




Video Production

3D design



Graphic design

Motion graphics

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